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In Illinois Divorce is termed “dissolution of marriage.” In addition to the many emotions this causes, there are also many legal issues that arise and must be handled properly. These issues can include property separation, spousal support, child custody (now termed allocation of parental responsibility), child support, parenting time and much more.


  • Child Support/Child Custody (allocation of parental responsibility)
  • Division of marital property and assets
  • Maintenance (commonly referred to as alimony)
  • Order of Protection
  • Post Decree matters such as Contempt of Court for failure to follow Divorce Judgment

Parentage Cases

Children are the most precious gifts of a union. Whether the parents were married or not, the Illinois court is always seeking to determine the bests interests of the child and ensure they are being cared for equitably by both parents.


  • Allocation of parental responsibility
  • Drafting Parenting Plan and Allocation Judgment
  • Modification of Custody Agreement (parental responsibility)
  • Order of Protection
  • Relocation
  • Visitation/Visitation Interference (now called Parenting Time)

Child Support

If you have established paternity, you are entitled to receive child support. If that support has been ordered and you are not receiving it, you need to go to court to enforce that court order. Your child deserves the financial support of both parents.

  • Account Adjustment Review (reviewing all payments made)
  • Modifications of Child Support due to a financial change in circumstances
  • Petitions for Rule to Show Cause for failure to pay support as ordered (contempt of court order)

Other Areas of Law

  • Name Changes

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